by Alex G

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released July 4, 2011

thanks abi and emily for singing
thanks matt for saxophone on blew
thanks abi for the album photo
thanks dog pippin and guys leg


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Alex G Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hitting So Hard
i swung until i broke my hand then i got mad again
you said it makes you want to die that still feels alright
i wont stop hitting so hard
Track Name: Freedom
took three more i dont think i know you anymore
this is where i am
Track Name: Stop
you hurt me
i wanna be a baby i wanted you to hate me
i wanted you to blame me i wanna be your plaything
1st time up i couldnt feel nothing
second time up i bought my coffin
third time up i couldnt stop crying
fourth time up i wanted to die
i wanna be a baby
Track Name: Talking
talk it down one more time then you can forget what made you better cause you fucking up pretty bad now
maybe itll take some time
dont leave him alone hes a kid just a nother wrecking ball thinking hes bigger than god
baby i know whats on your mind
Track Name: Blew
she says she knows whats up his nose and she stays she wouldnt have him any other way
when he gets her alone he'll make her bed a gravestone and dig til he cant feel another fuckin thing
when she wakes up shes in love with the thought of her boy neverending sick special toy
when she gets enough she cant wait to show how tough she can be what she can teach you with her body
if its what you want baby ill go down for you
what you tell me to i wont fight i will do
sticks in me sticks in you
Track Name: Big World
so many big problems for such a little girl
tell me all about her broken world
i used to give a shit i dont know why
ill take another one let me go outside

somebody told me i shouldnt go to school
i should just play guitar and try to break the rules
i thought id do it but i didnt start
i couldnt bring myself to break mommys heart

last night i saw her staring through the tv screen
into another world no one has ever seen
theres something wrong maybe theres not
i guess its all ok as long as she forgot
Track Name: Dust
sign on the road
it wants to know the difference between you and me
you can pretend
that you know better like i know you do
dust in my eye
i dont know why
Track Name: Math
this ones my fort under there i think no one can see me
are you a boy or a girl
you tell or you're leaving
blood makes my brain start to hurt
and i know it baby i know it baby
i think once i hit you too hard cause i couldnt say fuck you
remember i knocked on your wall no one would believe you
this time it wasnt my fault
i wanted to jump off the rails but i cant so i spit through
blood makes my brain start to hurt and i know it baby
Track Name: Sometimes
baby talk to this guy get his stuff
i dont have to deal with this shit anymore
i got paradise waiting in my drawer
sometimes i just wanna be happy
call you on the phone i know you know call you on the phonen you just tell me not to go
baby i dont wanna be alone anymore all you gotta do is let me lock this door
something special about you girl you make me wanna break up my world
its funny baby sometimes i just wanna be happy
Track Name: Get Happy
he was numb so he looked her up
nothing wrong with the name in the book
mommy and daddy want to call the cops
he thinks she looks better when he drops
is she in the bathroom i think ill tell her i should go soon i think ill call her when we get home but really all i wanna do is feel this swell in my head leave me alone
he can make believe he can be just like us
he can make believe hes not making things up
he can make believe that he wont make such a fuss
leave me in the basement
ill never tell you what i really meant
ill never tell you why i dont speak but really all i wanna do is break a bone in my brain and get happy
Track Name: Explain
see you laer

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